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Companies / Individuals can outsource manufacturing of their jewellery range to Normak Fashions through an easy contract manufacturing process. First the design and its model is developed under the expert supervision of trained and experienced professionals. Post this the final product is manufactured, branded / labelled and packaged as per the client's requirement.


White Labelling Your Brand

Normak has partnered with some of the biggest names to add aesthetic design value to their brand. It offers unmatched design and manufacturing assistance, so in order to let our clients can launch an exclusive jewellery line under their banner. Companies / individuals can thus, partner with us to outsource the manufacturing aspect and eventually market the range with their brand label.

Like our esteemed partners :

Shagun Collection by Titan

Sonata, India's largest selling watch brand from Titan Company Limited, in partnership with Estelle launched the first ever Shagun watch collection. The Shagun watch is a benchmark in innovation for the Indian consumer as it combines the haathphool, a ring connected by a bracelet to wrist, with the functionality of a watch. With Estelle's experience and in depth knowledge in jewellery making, this glamorous watch was crafted in a few months. Despite the complexities of combining a watch with an intricate bejewelled bracelet, Estelle's professionalism ensured that the product was available in time for the Wedding season

Create Your Style By Swarovski

Create Your Style' is a landmark innovation DIY concept with virtually limitless application possibilities. The Swarovski elements are one of today's most exciting, versatile and attractive means to transform fashion, home and lifestyle accessories into one-of-a-kind sparkling conversational pieces.


Estelle brings a unique blend of charm and elegance into its collections. The jewellery speaks directly to the heart and helps in boosting the visibility of our products. They have brought the much needed incentive in inducing initial purchases.

Collections of Estelle are trendy and modern. The products appeal to a very wide age group and have proven themselves time and again in many of our campaigns by building customer interest and helped in reaching targeted volumes.

Excellent craftsmanship and an amazing ability to capture the essence of the times. The collections have inspired successful product trials and have always surprised our customers with delight. Estelle is a valuable asset to tag along with our products for offers and schemes.

Estelle's experience and in-depth knowledge in jewellery making, helped us craft a glamorous watch in a few months. Despite the complexities involved, Estelle's professionalism ensured that the product was made available in time for the Wedding season.